The Invisible Hand Of God


Many people love the book of Esther just because it is an interesting story, however there is more to it than just that. Most of the books of the Bible are named after males, only two are named after females: Ruth and Esther. This tells us that these two books are very important!

The book of Esther is the only book in the Bible that does not mention the word God at all. Even though His presence is not mentioned, it is definitely felt throughout the story. The lesson we can learn from this book is that God’s hand might be invisible but it is definitely invincible. Father Anthony Messeh once explained:

“God’s silence does not mean He is absent.”

The book basically talks about a beautiful, poor, ordinary orphan who ends up saving an entire nation by her courage and wisdom. The book takes place at the time of king Ahasuerus who was the ruler of the Persian empire at that time. He was a very powerful king who was married to a brave, independent woman, Queen Vashti. Esther was not mentioned at all in the first chapter, even though it was the most important day of her life. The same happens with us – we usually don’t realize the most important day of our life until after it has passed. On this particular day, the king decided to banish Queen Vashti and give her position to another woman and THIS is where we start seeing God’s invisible Hand painting a portray slowly.

The king decides to look for a new queen and all the young women of the country start preparing by undergoing beauty treatments for 12 months in order to look absolutely beautiful when they come in the presence of the king. Each woman was allowed to take in with her whatever accessories she required to make her look as beautiful as she can in front of the king. Esther however did not take anything with her, she relied on God and because of this she won the favour of the king and all those who saw her, and eventually became the queen. Esther went from a nobody to a queen. This is the beauty of God, He loves taking nobodies and make them somebody. So, if you think you are a no body, then you are so lucky because God will make something great out of you. Be patient – the painting He is illustrating for your life is not finished yet.

Later on, in the story we see the “bad guy” Haman coming up with a plan to destroy the Jewish nation. Haman hated the Jews because they killed his great grandfather ages before Haman was born. So Haman was raised to hate the Jews and naturally was waiting for an opportunity to take revenge. He casted lots for 360 days to decide on whether he should take revenge or not – what determination! Haman held this grudge for so many years and it destroyed him and often the same will happen with us; that bitterness and grudge inside us starts to grow until we do something about it. It always starts with the bitterness of a grudge, which leads to anger then hatred and eventually murder. So, unless we stop it in the early stages, it will get out of control. If sin is left to itself it will lead to destruction in the same way that Haman’s desire to kill the Jews ended in his own destruction.

So my friend, do not let your thoughts control you because a big sin always starts with a small thought and always remember if you are nothing, it’s an opportunity for God to make something great out of you!

SAYG ~ Marina Mechail.

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